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Software Application Interest Group

  Find Us On Facebook: UTM-HPC   Software Application Interest Group We have 15 Software Application Interest Group on Facebook. You are invited to discuss or comment based on software in our UTM HPC System as stated below.


What UTM High-performance computing is? In the computing field, HPC means High Performance Computing. It is a computation done on High Performance Computers. High Performance Computers are computers with great processing capabilities terms of CPU speed, large memories and disk space. These are needed for large complex computation and large data sets. When to use ..
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Available Software

All Contents   Available Software on UTM HPC   The following shows all the available software on the HPC systems No. Package Name Description Developer 1. abaqus Abaqus: Finite Element Analysis and Computer aided engineering for Engineering, Numerical Analysis and Research. 2. abinit Quantum chemistry software based on the DFT (Density Functional Theory) method for ..
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UTM HPC User Registration

HPC Services Service was for any faculty, students, staff, postdocs, research fellows, industry and other university without HPC infrastructure. Each user can apply or register via this portal. a. For UTM Staff / Student, please click here. b. For external users, please click here. c. For UTM Grid, follow the instruction here. HPC Training Detail ..
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Use of large-scale, off-site computers and parallel processing techniques