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Using the HPC clusters: Get Started

        A. Apply for an Account

        B. Logging In & Transfering Files

        C. Running a Job on HPC

        D. Basic linux commands

        E. Getting Help

Apply for an Account

1. Who is eligible for UTM HPC accounts?

For UTM staff and student are required to have ACID account before applying to use the HPC and Grid. Each user can apply or register via HPC portal. Every application needs to be included a letter of support supervisor. This facility is provided referring to the duration of the project application. Service was for any faculty, students, postdocs, research fellows, industry and another university without HPC infrastructure.

2. How do I apply for an account?

Each user is required to fill out an HPC Account Request form online.


Logging In & Transfering Files

How do I access head node (portal utmgrid) HPC Server?

You can use any tools, for example, are PUTTY or WINSCP and log in using your HPC account for remote access to the server. The remote tool details as follows.

A. To connect from Windows: You’ll first need a terminal application and here are two options.

WINSCP  : Its main function is secure file transfer between your personal computer (local) and a remote server. For                             example, to transfer file (pbs-script and input file) to the HPC server.

Download : winscp.exe

PUTTY      : An open source telnet and SSH Client for the Windows and Unix platforms. For example, log in using your HPC                           account and submit a job to HPC using command “qsub -q bigmem pbs-script”

Download : putty.exe


B. To connect from Linux or MacOS: If you are logging from a Linux machine, make sure it has an SSH client (ssh, OpenSSH,     etc.) installed. Then, access head node (PORTAL UTM) server by opening the Terminal application and using the command:

        ssh <youruserid>

Running a Job on HPC

For your information on how to run a job on the UTM HPC cluster, including how to write a PBS script and use the qsub and qstat commands, see the Running a Job on HPC using PBS page.


Basic linux commands

This is a very short list of some very basic unix commands using putty remote tool:
ls: To list files and directories.
man: For help on a command. E.g., you can use man ls to find out all about the ls command and its options.
mkdir : Give it the name of the new directory to make, e.g. mkdir ali
cd: Give it the name of the directory to change to, e.g. cd ali. To be back before folder ali, type cd .. (cd dot dot)
cp: To copy a file. Usage is cp FILE1 FILE2, which will copy an already existing file FILE1 to FILE2.
mv: To move a file to a new directory, or to rename a file. e.g. mv FILE1 FILE2 to rename FILE1 to FILE2.
pico or nano: To edit a file. Both editors are very similar.
Example : How to use pico.


Getting Help

For answers regarding HPC accounts, such as “Can it be accessed from out of campus?”, “What is my disk quota?”, and “what software is available on UTM HPC?”, see the Frequently Asked Questions page. For any additional questions, please send an email to