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How to acknowledge use of HPC

Acknowledging Your Use of the UTM High Performance Computing Environment


Purchasing and maintaining a HPC environment is expensive, and the Department of Digital Services (UTMDigital) UTM requests that you acknowledge your use of the HPC clusters in papers or other publications of research.

To acknowledge your use of the clusters, our policy request to put UTMDigital UTM name in your publication that used UTMDigital HPC services as follows (for example):

We would like to thank Department of Digital Services (UTMDigital) in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for supporting and providing facilities and services of high performance computing.


UTM HPC in the process of collecting any publication (journals, papers, theses, etc.) ,as a result of the project using UTM HPC services. We would also REQUEST/APPRECIATE your informing us ( of publications in which you acknowledge that used UTMDigital HPC services.