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UTM GRID Registration

Step 1: Apply for certificate authority (what is X.509 Digital certificate)

1. We are encourage you to apply the Certificate from ASGCCA. Please refer to this step for the next instructions. http://ca.grid.sinica.edu.tw/certificate/request/request_user_cert.html

(Please note that for step number 1.1 and 1.2) We are one of the Registration Authority (RA), Please email us at subha[at]utm[dot]my to have the approval and please enclose your certificate application form and copy of the support documents (Identity Card(IC), Student/Staff id).

You can proceed to the next steps on the instructions after all the documents verified by our officer.

Step 2: Register in EUASIA VO

1. Please ensure the certificate installed into your browser. Go to EUASIA VOMRS to register as EUASIA VO users.
2. Click on Registration Phase I: enter personal information -> choose ‘full’ job submission rights -> submit form.
3. Check for your confirmation email.
4. Complete the Registration Phase II: agreee to AUP -> submit form.
5. Notify vo manager to approve your membership request. mailto: asgcvomrs[at]twgrid.org

* The user will be notified by an email after his/her request is approved (or denied) by the vo manager.
* The registration link require user certificate installed to their browser.
* For more details user can always refer to this pages.