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Environment Modules


            1. module avail

            2. module list

            3. module load

            4. module unload

            5. module purge


Environment Modules is to handle compiler/MPI combinations. According to the website, “The Environment Modules package provides for the dynamic modification of a user’s environment via modulefiles.”

module avail

The first thing to check is what modules are available by using the module avail command:


module list

You can check which modules are “loaded” in your environment by using the list option with the module command:


module load

To use any additional modules, you can load them manually. You can just cut and paste from the list of available modules to load the ones you want or need.


module unload

To unload or remove a module, just use the unload option with the module command, but you have to specify the complete name of the environment module:


module purge

Notice that the lammps/28Jun14 module is no longer listed. Alternatively, to you can unload all loaded environment modules using module purge: